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The annual charity fundraising show from Redfox Radio - Sacrificing sleep for charity.

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    Thanks for Donating to Charity!

    We are seriously grateful to you for choosing to support a charity as this is the reason we are doing this show.

    We accept donations through 2 methods. Via SMS and via the Charity's website.

    Please choose how you want to donate.

    Donate via SMS

    To donate, Pick a charity below and text the following phrases to the following numbers. You may substitute £5 to donate more.

    Charity Text the following... ...to this number
    Endometrosis UK ENDO44 £5 70070
    Mind (£3 donation) SUPPORT 70660
    Guide Dogs UK (£5 donation) PUPS 70800
    MENCAP LAND77 £5 70070
    Epilepsy UK (£5 donation) ACT NOW 70700
    Help for heroes (£5 donation) HERO 70900
    RSPCA (£3 donation) DONATE 78866

    Let us know

    You don't need to let us know about SMS Donations. We get told about Donations in bulk by Vodafone® at regular intervals. So your donation will be added along with others made.

    If you'd like to add us on Snapchat for behind the scenes as a thank you, You can do so by adding thechallenge16 on Snapchat.

    Donate Online

    To donate, Pick a charity below, click the link to go to their website and then follow the Let us Know instructions below.

    Charity Click the following link...
    Endometrosis UK Donate to Endometrosis UK
    Mind Donate to Mind
    Guide Dogs UK Donate to Guide Dogs UK
    MENCAP Donate to MENCAP
    Epilepsy UK Donate to Epilepsy UK
    Help for heroes Donate to Help for heroes
    RSPCA Donate to RSPCA

    Let us know

    Once you've donated, we'd really appreciate you telling us how much you donated to Charity.

    You can donate anonymously, however if you choose to, you can tell us who you are and ask us to do something, such as playing a song request or giving you a shoutout.

    How much did you donate in pounds and pence? (We need to know for the Total!)

    Who did you donate it to? (So we can add it to the charity leaderboard!)

    Who are you? (So we can thank you!)

    Do you want a song request / shoutout? Let us know!

    About TheChallenge 2016

    TheChallenge is the annual charity fundraising show from Redfox - Sacrificing sleep for charity.

    The idea was made up on the spot by Martin Tindell of Day and Tindell in a 2012 Day and Tindell episode

    TheChallenge is simple; From 12 noon, until 12 noon the following day, Team Redfox will put on an incredible show of non stop entertainment.

    It's all for charity, So please donate as much as you can as it will help massively!