Thats all folkes!

Redfox is shutting down

For 10 years we have changed the face of Radio and how it should be handled. We have given bands and artists the airtime we feel that they very truly deserved and given an audience first approach to our services making ourselves truly the first station to give the audience what they want in entertainment.

We have enjoyed running the station for you as well. From the very first broadcast in 2007 to TheChallenge 2016, We have seriously changed the world and carried the message of entertainment and changing people's lives at the forefront of what we do.

At the forefront of that, we've had a great team that has ever evolved throughout the ages giving the very best quality in comedy, presenting and running of Redfox.

So why are we stopping? The requirements for Redfox to run have changed massively as time has gone on and what people want from us have changed accordingly. Redfox is a community run and led station that depends on people giving up their time to run the station. Due to conditions and other arrangements from Team Redfox, We often have to arrange long in advance for shows which only works for TheChallenge.

So this year, Redfox Radio is officially becoming TheChallenge. We are stopping other things so we can focus on our one big focus which is seriously changing lives via a massive annual radio show for charity.

This means we can actually purpose build a website, app and services that suit this purpose better rather than bolting on additional clunky functionality during these special shows.

Redfox App will continue to work until Summer 2017 on Android and iOS, and a new TheChallenge App will be out in the coming months to offer even more functionality then ever before.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for details about this transition as they happen.

We hope you'll join us in the best and biggest change to Redfox in our 10 years.

It's been a pleasure broadcasting to you, See you on the other side.